3RiverDev consists of problem solvers, strategists, and software engineers with big passions for our vocations. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed serving clients world-wide on a large variety of efforts. We firmly believe that we've been called to serve and enable others through the use of technology.

Although we continue to partner with mission-driven businesses as projects come up, note that our primary focus has shifted to our new company and serving nonprofits!

Brett Meyer, brett@3riverdev.com, 260.349.5732

OFFICE: 314 N Main St, Suite 111, Roanoke, IN 46783 (north entrance, by Crestwoods)

MAIL: PO Box 721, Roanoke, IN 46783

Impact Upgrade

Nonprofits often suffer from three things: 1) constant distractions, 2) a tangled mess of data and tools that hold them back, and 3) really big ideas on the backburner. Impact Upgrade is a software and operations consulting company, solely focused on closing these gaps. We upgrade your impact and get you back to your mission!

Check us out at ImpactUpgrade.com!